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Magnaflow Exhaust

We know what you’re looking for!

You’re looking for the kind of sound that comes from your car that makes a grandma gasp as you churn down the road. That’s right the kind of sounds that gets the neighbors talking about you. And like all smart car enthusiast, you know that a sound like that only comes from a Magnaflow Exhaust System!

If this is your first time to visit ExhaustSystemsDirect.com then there are 3 VERY important reasons you need to know before ordering your next Magnaflow Exhaust system from us.

First – We are an authorized Magnaflow Exhaust dealer, located in the USA. When you order with us, your item is going to ship directly from the Magnaflow warehouse based in California. If you are in Canada you order is going to ship directly from the Magnaflow Toronto warehouse.

Second – When you choose ExhaustSystemsDirect.com you can rest easy knowing that your Magnaflow Exhaust is going to ship for FREE via FedEx on time - every time. That’s right you heard us right – for FREE! We ship all orders in the Lower 48 states and in Canada at no additional cost to you.

Third – Not every Magnaflow Exhaust dealer offers the kind of support that we offer. We are ready and willing to pick up the phone and answer your email questions at any time. Call us any time to ask about your order or pick our brains as to what Catback is best for you.

And while the above reasons are great, that is just the start of the benefits you will receive when you choose to do business with us. We go so far beyond Catback Exhaust by offering you the very best Magnaflow Mufflers, Magnaflow Catalytic Converters, and Exhaust Tips.

Also check out our selection for BMW Catback Exhaust, Catback Exhaust, and Off Road Pro Series parts.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter if you drive off road, on the street, or you are driving in a diesel truck. Magnaflow Exhaust will continue to provide you with the quality of sound and performance you are looking for at an unbeatable price.  And to prove that Magnaflow is the best they have tested it’s exhaust systems across multiple circuits including the harsh Baja racing event.

And while that is all great, consider the lifetime warranty that is offered on all Magnaflow Exhaust Systems Direct. When you invest $300 - $800 on an exhaust system you need to live with at least some peace of mind and that’s what the Magnaflow warranty provides to all customers.